Posted on 11-Nov-2018


This is a photo of a Cavity Wall Tie Inspection being carried out with the aid of a borescope inspection camera by Philip Fear the business owner of the company called Multi-Treatments Limited.The inspection of the existing wall ties on this property in Leeds was viewed with this instrument to diagnose the type of wall tie that is existing and if there is any signs of deterioration. Sometimes due to cavity wall insulation within the cavity wall it is not always possible to use the Boroscope camera to view the wall ties within the cavity clearly. Where we can not see clearly with the camera we would physically locate an existing wall tie within the cavity wall with a metal detector and then carefully remove the brick above or below from the external side of the wall elevation and then remove the existing tie to diagnose it for any corrosion of metal or deterioration or failure of the existing cavity wall tie. The common ones that fail and cause horizontal and vertical cracking and damage to external and internal wall elevations are the Fishtail type ties. Multi-Treatments Limited are one of the companies in the UK that remove the existing Fishtail type cavity wall ties from the inner and outer wall elevations, we do not isolate them. We know that existing corroded or failed Fishtail type ties left bearing within either the inner or outer wall elevation of the cavity wall will continue to cause damage. View Google my business images