Posted on 13-Oct-2018


The new 2018 image logo for my company called Multi-Treatments Limited a registered business at the address 17 Holtdale Way Leeds LS16 7SJ United Kingdom. google map reference= 53.8596620, -1.6091080 There is also a business director and owners address that is registered with the business data of Multi-Treatments Limited that is registered at Companies House United Kingdom under the company reference number 05594397. The business called Multi-Treatments Limited with the company number 05594397 has been registered at the business owners address that has been updated on Companies House records as a verified legal officers and office address where the company data is registered by the business owners at the registered address since 2012 registered showing in the records and trading since before the year 2005. Multi-Treatments Limited 05594397 is not associated or related to any other companies with similar names. Legal and verified Websites being used for the owners and business data of the company and business owners of Multi-Treatments Limited content data,images data can be found on search engines on Google my business The business owner of this company who is the author of all data has added a google my business website found here at this address where information about the services provided can be found.